Terms and conditions of USE OF BIOMODELS (V 1.0)
General Registration Publication

Your use of BioModelos (, in any way, consulting or complementing its content, constitutes acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions, which become effective as of the date on which you enter to the indicated site.

1. General

This user agreement establishes the terms and conditions of a license for you to use the BioModelos web platform and the information contained therein. For the purposes of this agreement, the information of BioModelos includes the visualization of biological records through the geographic viewer of the platform, the distribution models of species developed from these records and the statistics and indicators calculated from the models. By accessing and/or using BioModelos, it is presumed that you have read, accepted and agree to comply with all the terms and conditions of this user agreement. The rights and obligations related to the use of BioModelos in accordance with this user agreement are personal and are not transferable to any natural or legal person. Eventually, these terms and conditions of use of BioModelos may be modified, which will be recorded on this page. Consequently, it is your responsibility to review and comply with the established terms and conditions, provided that you access or use BioModelos.

2. Copyright and intellectual property

BioModelos contains material protected by the laws and treaties related to intellectual property, therefore, the information of BioModelos is protected by the agreements, the laws and regulations of copyright throughout the world.

The Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute is the sole and exclusive owner of the BioModelos application, including trademark, trade name, trade secret and other intellectual property rights over this application.

Since the information that rests in BioModelos is the result of a collaboration process between the Alexander von Humboldt Institute and registered users, its administration and management corresponds exclusively to the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, according to the terms and scopes stipulated in the registration and publication forms. The Alexander von Humboldt Institute exclusively holds the patrimonial rights as author of the information generated from all the activity of registered users in BioModelos, particularly in the "edition and contribution" and "records and filters" modules. In any case, the Alexander von Humboldt Institute will recognize the author's moral rights for each contribution consigned by registered users in BioModelos.

Once the information in BioModelos has been recorded by the "Publishers", the Alexander von Humboldt Institute will have a license for its use and disposal, according to the Creative Commons licenses with which said information is published, in accordance with what was established with the publisher(s) in the publication form.

You agree not to alter or eliminate any copyright symbol or other identification related to the authorship of any of the materials contained or made available in BioModelos.general_3_title: "Productos derivados"

3. Derivative works

Derivative works based on the information of BioModelos can be distributed, electronically or in printed form, without the prior written permission of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, as long as they are available for non-commercial purposes and include the citation to the source, punctually indicated in the field corresponding to "citation" in the metadata. BioModelos reserves the right to use/reuse any derivative work based on your information in accordance with the same terms and conditions of use. For purposes of these terms and conditions, a "derivative work" is a new work that is based totally or partially on the BioModelos information. To be considered a derivative work, the new work must be transformative and include originality on the part of the creator, otherwise it can simply be considered redistribution, depending on the way in which the new work is made available.

use of the information of BioModelos in the creation of derivative works does not constitute an endorsement by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute or its partners to these derived products, reports or analyzes. It is expressly forbidden to use the BioModelos logos or the Alexander von Humboldt Institute in any derived product, report or analysis, or in support materials, without the prior written permission of the Institute.

4. Use

Provided that the use or consultation of the information of BioModelos is done in accordance with the terms and conditions of this user agreement, a free, indefinite and non-transferable license is granted for consultation, download or printing, without prior permission of the Institute.

The consultation and the use of the information coming from BioModelos is restricted to educational, investigative, academic or applied purposes. In any case, it is forbidden to advance or execute any act of economic order on it.

The products or results published from the information obtained in BioModelos must be sent in an electronic or physical copy to the contact data indicated in the section "contact information" of these terms and conditions.

5. Recognition and citation

The user of the BioModelos information must grant the corresponding credits to the source of said information, using the citation provided in the metadata that accompanies each model, indicating in a timely manner the version of the BioModelos information used.

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute invites users of BioModelos information to participate in its construction and complement. Likewise, it extends the invitation to tell the Institute of all those publications that are derived significantly from the information available in BioModelos, prior to its publication, in a space of joint collaboration. Expressions of interest can be sent directly to the Alexander von Humboldt Institute using the contact information indicated in the "contact information" section of these terms and conditions.

6. Updates

Unless required for specific analyzes, no version of the BioModelos information should be used after it has been replaced by a later version. It is your responsibility to verify if an update of the information published in BioModelos is available.

7. Liability limitations

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute, its partners, any of its respective employees, third-party content providers or licensors do not guarantee that the access and use of BioModelos will be free of interruptions or error-free, as well as, that any information accessible from or related to with the information is free of viruses or other harmful components. Likewise, no guarantees are given regarding the results that can be obtained from the use of the BioModelos information or the accuracy, reliability or content of any information or service provided through BioModelos.

BioModelos is a space for the discussion and scientific evaluation of models of geographic distribution of species. In this sense, the downloadable information represents hypotheses of the probable geographic distribution of the species and products derived from these hypotheses, which, although they may contain errors and biases associated with the data and statistical modeling, make an effort to reduce the impact of said factors by incorporating expert knowledge to produce validated maps.

The information that is available in BioModelos is not official information for Colombia and for that reason its use must be done under its own responsibility. The Alexander von Humboldt Institute, the sponsors of BioModelos and other collaborators, do not guarantee that the results derived from using the information downloaded comply with their particular requirements.

8. Termination of the agreement

You or the Alexander von Humboldt Institute may terminate this user agreement at any time, with immediate effect, with or without prior notice to the other party. Termination of this agreement automatically terminates your license to use BioModelos and any other content or material contained therein. The dispositions of sections 3, 4, and 5 will survive any termination of this user agreement.

9. Contact information

If you have any questions about any of these terms or how they can be applied to the intended use of the information provided by BioModelos, contact the Laboratory of Applied Biogeography (LBA) of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute:

Instituto de investigación de recursos biológicos Alexander von Humboldt – Gerencia de Información Científica
Avenida Paseo Bolívar 16 - 20
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: +57 (1) 3202767


1.Registration terms and conditions

By registering in BioModelos, the user, in addition to accepting the previously defined terms and conditions of use, must accept the following BioModelos contribution treatment policy:

Are considered contributions to BioModelos all information related to the distribution of species that is entered by registered users of BioModelos, including but not limited to: reports and errors editions of records, editions to distribution models, selection of ecological variables by species, comments in forums, ratings to distribution models and expert maps. The Alexander von Humboldt Institute reserves the right to: store, distribute, use, advance any disposition acts or eliminate the contributions made by registered BioModelos users, as well as, the information regarding the origin of the contribution (name, email, date and IP address of the contributor), even when the user deletes their BioModelos registry.

The moral rights of authors of the contributions belong to the contributors and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute undertakes to citate them properly whenever they are used for the purpose of BioModelos or the derived products that it deems appropriate.

2.Personal data protection policy

By virtue of the Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 by means of which the general dispositions for the protection of personal data are dictated, and its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, the Institute of Investigation of Biological Resources Alexander von Humboldt, considered responsible and/or in charge of the treatment of personal data, requires your authorization to continue with the processing of your personal data stored in our databases, which include information that you have reported to us in the development of the different activities carried out by our institution in particular the following: Name, email, city, institutional affiliation and IP address from where you enter the platform

Purpose: The data will be used for the institutional mission established in Law 99 of 1993, focused on developing scientific and technological research on biodiversity, promoting the establishment of research stations in the territory of the Nation, providing advice to the entities that make up the Environmental System (Sina) and build up the National Inventory of Biodiversity in the country.

1. The publisher declares:

1. That the model(s) that are uploaded to BioModelos are the authorship of the people listed in the model publication form (hereinafter publishers) or have the transfer of rights valid for that purpose.
2. That all authors of the model or set of models accept or authorize their publication in BioModelos from the moment the information is uploaded.
3. That the biological records that accompany the model are of open use, are owned or their use exclusively for visualization purposes in BioModelos has been authorized explicitly or implicitly (eg. through a Creative Commons license) by the owners of the information or who have some assignment or authorization in regards to the information.
4. That the publishers authorize the download and use of their models by third parties through BioModelos under the conditions provided by the Creative Commons license indicated in the model publication form.

2. The Research Institute of biological resources Alexander Von Humboldt through the web application BioModelos

1. Will offer activity statistics (viewing and downloading) and usage profile at the request of the publishers of the information.
2. Will grant the corresponding credit to the model publishers in the BioModelos page and in the metadata that accompany the models of their authorship, based on the information registered in the publication form.
3. Will use the biological records that accompany the model only for visualization in BioModelos under the conditions determined by the publishers in the model publication form. In no case will its use or download be enabled in BioModelos, unless this is expressly authorized in the model publication form.
4. It reserves the right to publish the models as well as download them at any time on the site.